I've turned 16 for the 7th time

It's finally here. It just seemed like yesterday that I was exstatic about turning 21 and a 2 hrs before a year after that I'm already in denial about turning 22.

In fact ... it was two weeks ago that I was casually talking to my sister

"My birthday is coming ahhh, I want my Trinity Blood box set for a present"

"OK. I try"

"Can't believe I'm turning 21 already"

"Errr... che, you're 22"

Dammit, Dammit, Dammit! I'm sooo old.

And after 21 there are no more excuses to throw a big ass party till I'm 50. 50....so far away i have to wait longer than my whole current life.

And all these changes in my body.... I'm going to bed by 12am and waking up at 7:30am feeling surprisingly extremely energetic, without an alarm. Then there are these funny sharp pains or something heavy always hanging around the back of my abdominal area. And then there are mood swings and how I'm actually starting to tap and hum to the Light and Easy radio station!

After this post, I'm no longer going to reveal my age XD


Jason said...

Happy birthday, Ap! *hugs hugs*

Anonymous said...


hteekay said...

right, like we can't go back to this post few years later and do some simple math to figure out your age.. XD

oh, just drop by to say hi!

I'm kenny.. btw..happy belated birthday!

Serge Norguard said...

trinity blood ? my gods... that anime killed my high hopes of it during the last 4 episodes

april yim said...

Jason & Jolene: Thank you guys! going to see you soon i hope ^^

Kenny: thanks :) r u the other kenny?

serge norguard: No spoilers please :P

michael said...

I saw that video of you hoovering down that slice of cake, and I have to say, that was TOTALLY HAWT!


El Nino said...

April, will you marry me? :) Someone who can down chocolate cake like a pelican definitely has hidden depths, layers, and secrets to discover.

El Nino.