Where do you fit that ring?

Eversince Ron gave me a ring for my birthday, I've been fingering the darling inbetween my fingers. Twisting it and sliding it in and out between my wedding ring finger and middle finger. Everytime I look at it, a smile slips on to my face. Who wouldn't be smiling silly with such a thoughtful gift, I ask you this.

Normally of course, your best friends will always be interested to know the highlight events in you life and that of course includes the special treatments your other half has provided for you on your birthday. The missy in Liverpool had a recent conversation with me.

hp: Ok! Lets check out what you got!

*April tries to send webcam invitation...but fails*

hp: cannot lah...just tell me what you got.

April: A Tiffy and Co. teardrop ring.

hp: *gets excited* OOOOOOOOHHHHH take a picture and send it over!

April: Send adi...

hp: Which finger are you wearing it on?

April: It's now (at that point) on my middle finger, it's a tad too large so we're going to exchange it for a smaller one,...I'd like to wear it on my fourth finger.

hp: WAHLAU. Which hand?

April: Left hand.

hp: So do you believe that this is THE ONE.

April: Ring only lah wei...but he's for keeps lah :)

The next day at work. I noticed that I was observing something I've never really normally bothered to do.

I was looking around the office in the morning at all my colleagues hands...particularly their fingers.

I usually only observe such things if the person looks past their mid twenties finished with good looks to boot. (At times I want to know such things if the person has a nasty temper...see if got any person who can actually tolerate them).

Nabeh...some of my colleagues wear it on the left, some of them on the right. Some on the third finger, some on the fourth. Some of them which I know are happily married with kids, like my parents don't wear rings at all. My mom in particular locks her ring up and prefers to wear costume jewellery XD

My boss popped in to check on us, so did the person in charge of design, and in 3 seconds I'm silently having a word with myself to stop looking around at everyone's fingers. Mind you, I did it again while having my lunch at the kopitiam.

I actually made a rough calculation and average statistics of how many where wearing it on the left hand or the right hand or which finger.

My sister see's me twitching the ring and switching it between fingers at home, and she just says.

"No need to switch fingers and hands lah....He like HUSBAND ADI give you such ring!"

I wonder if she has a point? *ponders*


Avril said...

ohhh he bot it he bot it!!

Jason said...

Your sis does have a point. ;)

She's Jess said...

sure there is a point ;)

mystical.absurdist said...

I've never been able to reach any satisfactory conclusion on the matter either. So which hand IS it?

Raksha said...

Babes, 95% of my male friends would DIE first before they would randomly give rings as a present to their gfs okay? No man gives rings to their women unless they're serious about the relationship. So yes, woman...she has a point. Memang macam husband dah. (^_~)v.