I'm dying to meet my ex.

“People who’ve never been out of a relationship or have ever been in a relationship before would never understand…”

…or so quotes the writer for that specific column from the female magazine.

Oh boy, Do I EVER UNDERSTAND. Even if that means seeing them without speaking a word to them.

“Then why would you want to meet him if you’re both so eager and yet not too keen on the idea at the same time?”

If you fall into the category of …
i) You’ve never dated before
ii) You have never been in a relationship that went sour and off

…then you’d never get it

IMHO, I just have this itch of wanting to see them, maybe analyse how many wrinkles they’ve added to their features along the years, how they’re keeping up with paying hefty taxes, I just want to see how they’ve survived without me.

Don’t mind me; an upbringing in an era of women empowerment has stricken my fragile little mind with such nasty thoughts of the opposite sex.

There is an insatiable craving for me to meet my Exes. I must CLEARLY state that.. NO I DO NOT HAVE A SOFT SPOT FOR MY EXes;

In fact I very much wish that if I so happen to see on particular ex across the street I want HIM to go and walk over and say hi to me... of course if he wants to (or else I couldn’t really care) In the case of where by he is in that process of crossing the road to greet me, I would like him to get knocked down by a car, suffer from a concussion. I’ll just call an ambulance but won’t visit him in the hospital. That’s how much I care for especially that particular one. Oh well, I don’t think that one reads my blog anyway.

I should count my lucky stars that besides being constantly teased as having the last name of ‘FOOL’, in the scenarios where EXes come in place, my first name comes in great vengeance. They have a whole month to endure everyday remembering that I was the girl and I want them to well up in misery.

Oh…how twisted I can be.

But such degrees of, how should I put it… emotional turmoil they’ve cause me tough times each has given me, I have a VERY SPECIAL level of scenarios always bubbling in my head.
Anyway, if I could comically put it I would like to give my exes a bring-it-on face and threaten with a tough face in addition wrestler like manner...


I’m not too proud of having EXs in my life, but I am thankful they were there to make me who I am today. So thanks to the people in concern for making me see that my life is much better after getting to know you all. It just didn’t work out for any of us at that time :P

Till the day I even have great grandchildren, it would be rather pleasing to the mind to bump into any of them undergoing treatment in the hospital while I’m having my elderly checkup sessions.

Anyone with the same sentiments please raise your hands.


Jason said...

You are very mean, Ap! Very...

Melissa Lee said...

well said. =)

we all hope they die thinking of us. but they won't. so let's just not bother.

love ya babes.

Anonymous said...

I feel ya girl.

Those girls that have never dated or been in a relationship that went sour will never understand but some of them do act like they are saints and they know every goddamn aspect of a relationship.


The Angel said...

You are right somehow...

blinkingEyes said...

totaly agree! i like the fact that you'll call the ambulance, but never visit him, hahaha..cruel! but i love it!

april yim said...

jason: u'll come to realise jason that beneath every girl is a really evil devil

Mel: I really don't want them to die...just suffer XP love ya too babes

anonymous: really maybe i won't blame these girls for not really knowing lah. It's actually good fro them as well that they don't have to undergo hurt and pain.

the angel: can't really say its 100% accurate

blinkingeyes: i'll consider it as doing my civil duty XP

linchan~ said...

*raises hand*

I couldnt agree more. and I wouldnt walk to say hi first. in fact I'd ignore him >.> But seriously, I think my ex was a loser. a complete model of a loser... and I think I'll start getting an allergic reaction IF I actually do bump into him ~__~ ugh. I like the 'being run down by a car' bit XDDDD hehehee. HOpe you're doing fine girl~~~

minishorts said...

you know me. heh.

- minishorts

Anonymous said...

i'll be nice to him on the surface but drop him a few hints that i still remember the pain he caused me.

so he'll feel extremely guilty.mwhaha.