Earring Loving Bookworm?

nylus quoted that I should do some expansion of designs instead of me indulging in my calorie laden alter ego. heh.

Well, well, to be precise this is a cut and paste version of the comment...

"could you do books for the earring-loving bookworm? =P it would be even better if you could put famous classic literature titles, but that might be a bit tricky "

Thank you darling, wonderful idea :) Worked on it right away as soon as I got home. Don't expect embossed/ gloss covers with intricate patterns of the shopaholic series fine prints on them. (I'm not that skilled yet =P)

So for now, most of these "Books" are somewhat plain cloth bounded for now :P

Books: Classic Tales

Classic Tales for now...I actually wanted to put down a "Tale Of Two Cities"

Books: Paperback Crosswords

Paperback crossword puzzles and Target books purchased for those long haul flights.

Books: Lil Black Book

You know yourself better...Everyone is a lil' nasty inside.

Books: My Diary

Making this just makes me want to scream "6 YEAR OLD FAIRY PRINCESS WANNABE!!!"

plain Books

Wind in The Willows (Mr Toad annoyed my childhood)... ahhhh the plain old olive green cloth bound books of the 1940s-1960s

Oooh within due time perhaps I could have my own "Idiot's Guide" and hv the Idiot's Guide to Earring Wearing. ><

If You're placing orders for this, PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO PUT DOWN 'THE DA VINCI CODE' as a title for ye :P It's overrated.


nylus said...

darn, i wanted to wear it when watching the movie of the overrated book. =P some cute titles for wearing : -

1. black beauty (for mocha-coloured skin beauties)

2. chocolat (with a pic of chocolate?)

3. shopaholic (i insist)

4. the devil wears prada (for the brand-conscious)

5. the hobbit (for vertically challenged ppl like moi with a sense of humour)

mystical.absurdist said...

Paradise Lost XD