Comfort Food as Accessories Update

Things have been getting alittle crazy in my life so I've been seeking solitude in comfort food. Great is the power of comfort food especially when you're designing, making, sniffing and trying your hardest to make them look more appealing.

juicy strawberries

I made these halved strawberries, a special request from Charmaine back in the office.


Sunny side up eggs on richly well toasted bread.


Clockwise from left: Chocolate Chip Muffin, Banana Muffin and Blueberry Muffin.

marble cheesecake

Classic Marbled Cheesecake, for that touch of class :P (Upon distributing this, I've successfully made Siew Fei crave for Cheesecake)


Start your day with a stack of Butter milk pancakes or flapjacks glazed down with strawberry sauce.


Chips Ahoy resemblance?

I need more ideas on what else I can make. I can't get my mind THAT FIXATED on food :P


siew fei said...

to be precise its secret recipe's New York Cheesecake

nylus said...

could you do books for the earring-loving bookworm? =P it would be even better if you could put famous classic literature titles, but that might be a bit tricky