Updates to the catalogue

Now I understand why ppl dread work. :P It's not that I don't enjoy my job....I LOVE MY JOB but heh...to wake up everyday ;p thats the hard part. Don't even have enough time to blog... ACK!

Anyway, for those of you who have been patient enough to wait, here are the latest updates to the catalogue!

mango delight

Inspired by Secret Recipe's Mango Delight! Scrumptious Looking Mango Puree dripping off a layer of Sponge cake with cream and Mango Slices!

cherry donutslemon donuts

Cherry Jam and Lemon Custard Filling squashed in between fresh dough and Icing Sugar!

sugared pretz

Those are real sugar grains btw...

upside down

Pineapples and Cherries ;) Glazed with brown sugar!

peach cobbler

Peach Peach Peach! With Vanilla ice cream


Oui! Even your local boulangerie could never make it this good!


Vlad in his most comical manner..


These are soooo cute in the dark!


So are these :P

glitter butterflies

Rainbow Glitter coated wings of a butterfly!


Fat Round Sperm whales :D


Sharks anyone?

party animals

Rounded animal print beads for the party animal in us.


Neo said...

Looks wonderful... those are made of what I wonder?