Hearts for Heart4Hope

Heart4Hope- for Yvonne Foong

Have a heart...or a pair ^^

It's about time I came up with a concept as such and put thoughts into action. Yvonne deserves it...if I were even to muster pepper sprinkles of her courage and aspiring behavior...I'd be the woman! (Then again I'm not :P)

Hey but this is a lil something I could do...design replicate the Heart4Hope symbol to help her along the way with attaining her goal. That'll be great won't it if you all could help too :)

Now you can wear the shirt and the earrings too!!!! Yay!


duckgirl said...

hi april.. :)

your yummy earrings are too cute! have u heard of etsy?

saw her cute earings and thought of yours too.

k.t.x said...

dropped by and thought i wanna ciao, but i m a rat too anddd...yim means smile in thai fyi!