Additional new designs!

Argh Busy busy. So many things to do, so little time to blog. It Annoys me -__-" . Sometimes I wonder if making so many earrings would cause me detrimental time management (for me! me! me! time) consequences. And I don't even reply my comments -____-" (gomen gomen)

Here are more new designs for the people who surf by regularly! I promise, this time less food stuff :P

Swarovski© - Crystal Drops

Cactus In A Pot

Hot Sauce

Little Lambs



Limited Stock! - Lightning Charm

i heart the easter bunny

snow bunnies

the bunny

pickin pies2

koala headsx

cherry baby

watered down



kiwi me deeply


Jason said...

Your skill is getting better. I like the sunnies... :D

april yim said...

lol thanks jason! You should see the post above this one on the secret recipe cakes XD

- Calvin - said...

Greetings .

I'm just wondering if those ear rings are for sale . Was surfing around when I came across your page .

I think it's very nice . Refreshingly new . Do reply , aight ?

Thanks .

april yim said...


Yes They are for sale :) Please mail me at aprilyim@gmail.com for further details

Marilyn said...

hey April, remember me marilyn???

neway ur sunnies looks like pineapple tart XD it makes me hungry