Asia Cafe's Sweet and Sour Crab Fried Bread Crab

'People that live around here don't usually know what's good to eat here one." quoted Cheryl as we were sitting down for supper before dropping off the handmade earrings for Yvonne.

Well. These aren't just Sweet and Sour crabs... they're DELICIOUS SWEET AND SOUR CRABS WITH FRIED BREAD!.

It makes me want to drive all the way to Subang just to eat them.

Asia Cafe's Sweet and Sour Breaded Crab

And what better way to spend and evening eating delicious food with someone who appreciates a yummy meal as much as you do....cheryl!

Why they're so different than the rest of the sweet and sour crabs out there? Because the sauce is just the right thickness, sweetness, and the right amount of spice. Thick enough to coat your tongue....... like bubblegum before blowing. Dip in the fried bread that's ordered separately and it explodes in your mouth. The perfect combination of spice, zest, crunch, salinity and gooeyness.

Servings come in small portions, about 1 - 1/2 crabs (RM13.00) and Regular portions; 2 crabs and a little more (RM18.00). Fried bread at RM2.50 a loaf. Facing the shops with Starbucks in the row.

Here's an additional tip tho....Bring baby wipes. its always good to wipe your fingers before reaching for a phone that likes to ring inbetween supper :P

Cheryl and crab

Cheryl says..'' Claws up for this dish!"