Latest Imports from Venice

OMG! My special shipment has arrived. I've waited bloody 3 months for the new stock to arrive and finally, oh gosh... I can't contain my excitement!

It's Here
Venetian Glass Beads!

Venetian Glass

You have got to click this picture to get a closer look!
Vah-Nee-Shen What you say?
Well, Venetian glass beads were originally created in Venice, Italy where Colours of opaque and transparent glass are fused with copper foil or other coloured metals in the center and then dissolved in acid.
I've always wanted to purchase them but they come in really expensive when sold as accessory pieces :S
So now I've ordered them in specially for accessory loving people like me! (Oh and I'll some for my personal use of course :P ) Also at VERY AFFORDABLE PRICES!
In the mean time I'm going to stick to these few colours before releasing the rest of the available colous ^^ *grin*


Anonymous said...

Are these the original Murano glass?