In the absence

I have been a very naughty girl.... I haven't been blogging for a very long time. Again.

I never quite understood why the people older than me give me the longest lecture about having no time for me when I call them out to meet out.
*Ah-haks* I thought they just had something against me at that point in time *Ah-haks*

Oh so well anyway, the basic updates are that I'm keeping myself very busy. I've met tonnes of new people and building starts to fantastic relationships in the course of these few months.

I've also changed my job as well. Don't start though to ask me why I might go trigger happy on the keyboard to explain the long and tumultuous process. Lets just say the part of the job scope was out of my diction. I am still in the line I love most though. Healthcare and Medicals ^^ (I wonder if Dr.s are really as attractive as they say?) But most happy I am with the new company who has an automatic coffee dispenser (ohhh what joy for the caffeine addicts)

Let's not forget the self discoveries. Shopping trips with minishorts have concluded that I have too broad and rounded shoulders to wear a good office blouse. Drinks with cheryl to cure the nasty cough with Old ginger tea. Crabs every week. And the endless comparing of our first steps into the working world with all my old Monash University graduates during the convocation. (Oh yes, photos of that will be coming soon)

I've just purchased a whole new range of Body Shop makeup for incredible prices (loyal customer what :P) and have just shocked out some cash for a new Lumix FX-01, and a mighty drawer filled with new clothes.

I should put up pictures of my Mini Pinscher and Golden up soon too. See....it's been so bad I've not even mentioned the latest family additions to the house hold.

All coming soon. Plus a new earring designs. :)


Anonymous said...

hey april like ur new blog
very sophiscated...