Nice boys that we women like.

It is not everyday that I end up with food poisoning, almost bed ridden on a lemang-lemak-joyous occassion where I could be picking off the silver platters of my wonderful neighbours and share the happiness that they have.

But it is not also in every raya that I get ULTRA SWEET PLEASANT SURPRISES in my SMS inbox...

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Not did I only know that I am an aunty today, but aparrently I also have a daughter named Farhan!!

Jokes aside. This kid who sent me the sms is made of pure gold. Boys, say what you like about him being a suck up. You know deep down inside most girlfriends or wives become mothers one day and most of us would want to have a boy with such respectable traits dating our little girl or should have sons that have such great respect for the older women and the one he's holding hands with.

And since it's Raya,Maaf Zahir Batin and all that, I sent the guy an sms to get the number right so he can send his proper wishes and greetings.

If you happen to be named Farhan, and if you mom with a 012 number and a bf with a 017-6## #### number, you are a LUCKY LUCKY girl :)

Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends and family :)


Jason said...


Damn sweet lah the guy!

Anonymous said...

haha, farhan is NORMALLY a guy's name. but still, sweet young thing!