21st October 2003 Part 1

In relation to the events this morning Shing Ying told me how peeved she was with someone. A classmate of ours was supposed to check an assignement prior to passing it up. Unlike the questions and answers in the scope of social science, the answers to these problems were simply quatitatively calculative, with only maximum variations in the form of decimal points. The assignments were returned yesterday; the person who supposedly checked her work scored pretty high while she wasn't too impressed with her own. And i now ain't so impressed with my classmate's attitude.

I got to tired yesterday night to post any entry. More like too tired of waiting for my sister to finish off with her HEADs songs. Progress for exam preparation was a so-so =)I managed to finish all parts of contract for law except for remedies, and a chapter of carboxylic acids! Yet there's no excuse not to revise and finish it all today ^_^ (Note to self- finish covering business law by Thursday)

I called Hsu Pheen and Lydia out for coffee, Hsu Pheen was in Seputeh, with exams on Monday, while lydia had to go for a night service in church. My choice of friends to go out with have now dropped from 3 friends to 2. Haih,... so pwobwem =)P

Went out for dinner with Ash, Dad and Mom at Yi Garden in Bangsar Shopping Complex. I only seriously recommend the fried prawns, the batter has just the right thickness and texture to it, not over done and it was soooooo FRESH! That's what you get when you pay RM 34 FOR 8 prawns! ^-^

Think i'll go get a pack of Cheetos for rewards after i study in the Library.