21st October 2003 Part 2

I did not get my pack of cheetos... -_-

But i got me a white chocolate Kit Kat! It's really milky sweet and the wafer bit still looks chocolate-y! Yet nothing can beat the swirls of milk chocolate and white chocolate shelling a smooth concoction of hazelnut praline melting slowly, stirring the melty cocoa in my moist mouth! Yes it's Cadbury's very own marble milk chocolate! Filled with fatty goodness and fortified with all sorts of sugars and unnecessary minerals this bar drives my sugar levels and weight off any imaginable scale ^-^

I lost me temper in the library today. The guys behind me were so noisy. Not to mention the two girls stamding next to the 'Economics' shelf. The usual girl with the short hair and specs crowning her scalp and her chubby friend. Then there was a pack of gals and boys by the door armed with CD-players. The final straw was when this idiot casually strolled in, i) Said hi to his friends two large study tables away in a very unlibrary patron like manner, (ii) said something else in a simillar way, (iii) dropped his calculator, (iv) slammed his books on the table. While walking Felicia to pick up Ee Lyn from room 2.8, i told her about the untolerable noise and what i did about it, she just told me in my face "So you were the moron who Shhhh-ed the whole library up"

There's this hoo-hah about this lecturer from the school of business and economics. Apparently many girls have switched their tutorials to the class he teaches and I'm wondering, is he THAT good looking? Affirmative =D ; tall, slender, strong facial structures, smooth skin and brilliance =) Now who wouldn't want a guy like that! Too bad he has a girl who apparently calls him every darn tootin time just to what,... walk her to class? Some people too much man,... exploit the guy like dat.

Jackson just told me I came out in TV3. *Chant's like a little care bear "I'm on TV3!, I'm on TV3!, I'm on TV3!,"* Or at least i was, on Sunday night. I was with Angie, slightly overdressed for the occassion of passing presents to green award winners to the minister Ong Ka Ting. =)P I find that Jackson has quite a unique talent in PR. Words that ooze fromn his mouth are so deliciously flattering.

I had my din-din with Alvin Choong, Pei Ming and Shing Ying at SALMON STEAK! Speaking of Alvin, he just came online and now we're sharing blogs... Hmmm... Not only his list of A's are long but also his life will be equivalently following the trend =) I'm reading alvin's poems and pretty much having a good laugh at it. Pretty cool Alvin =)

Here I am reading through Alvin's collection of interesting rhymes
No need for trying effortlessly to dictate his prose
Just for fun's sake I'm doing this to kill some time
before i shut off my laptop and tone dead skin of my nose

Cheers Alvin
This one is for you
As for me I'm craving
a large piece of melted marshmallow goo =)))