A pretty unprogressive day

It began with droppy eyes, a comfortable pillow, aching muscles, Cuddles, Bubblegum, and Wei-Wei. I seriously have trouble getting up at bloody 6 am in the morning. The pillow was the greatest host to my sleep and who could resist a dream where John Mayer is personally serenading your beautiful personality? After much debate, my heart and conscience finally agreed that i could get a little more time with the adorable, charming Mayer and head of for the Business Law class just about during lunch time.

John stayed for about another two hours before i got up to play 'Hubrid's Hero Heist'??? What the hell am I doing? I got ready to leave Uni by 10:30 after the freshest and best peach sorbet bath i ever had but then the immobiliser detector card had to take on a dissappearing act in the middle of the 40 degree heat! That totally spoilt my mood for going to Uni, and succumbed to a two hour nap. Waking up to new episodes of Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Extreme Ghostbusters, Mark Owen's "Four Minute Warning", & Hidell wasn;t much of a help to my study plan either. This is why i hate staying home. I NEVER get any work done.

As of recently I have been having curry cravings, and i've been munching on curry flavoured instant noodles. The kinds that make life easier with the only hassle of adding water and waiting for 3 minutes. One drink I should recommend though, is Horlick's "Smooth Choco" sold in tins! Bloody expensive, going for about RM 1.90 per can of 240mL but indeed a very smooth texture to it =)))

I just told off someone i really care about a few minutes ago on ICQ. I'm really pissed with this feller cause i took his word and trusted his judgement on a certain academic assignment of the subject he was majoring in . What happened? You do the math if i say i have to score ridiculously high for finals. All he could say how sorry he was and all i could think of was telling him how upset i am. In the midst of that, I felt so miserable it came to a point where we both had nothing much to say except for a few 'sighs' and upset text emoticons. I was swept in so much depression that my critical side refused to say 'Bye'. It was something that I didn't want to do but it was something I had to do. I'm no Ms. Perfection or anthing but I'm thinking that if i did what i just did, maybe he could work where he possibly went wrong and do his career a favour. Hopefully, for his own good and i'll honestly be glad if he fixes it =)

Maybe I'm easily losing my temper nowadays. I am aware of the fact that I easily lose my temper on the road just like Melissa especially when there are pedestrians that don't make proper use of elevated road sides or walkways, motorcycles that don't turn on their lights during dusk and those that occupy the whole road, slow cars, and traffic lights that take an eternity to change to a shade of green. This is what probably happens if you bottle up all your temper during your childhood and early teens. I usually can tolerate people who arrive late, noisy subjects in the library and lousy food but now i can't even take a dose of 'blurism' from the Mamak in Darus. Grrrr.....

Note to self, Fix temper and rekindle long lost patience =)