Farming anyone?

In the RPG game Harvest Moon, the farmer which I so adoringly named Squall could pull through 6am to about 10pm wake his dog up, collecting chicken eggs, providing chicken feed, milk 10 cows, shear ten sheep, feeding all his sheep and cow, process milk into cheese and wool into yarn, weed, rewater and harvest his large farm, collect honey from the bees, brush his horse, collect any fruit that may have fallen in the forest, mine ores, fish and feed his fish, chop firewood, cook entertain the rest of the townsfolk and still he has the time to have courtship. Come to think of it, that's a number of thinks for little Squall to do in a day. (That's why he pays little Forest Sprites to do his bidding and rests just as much in the Forest Hotspring)

My response of RPG farming simulation to real life farming? Generally quite close. =D I was so bushed at the end of the day, I couldn't afford to keep my eyes open long enough to put up a blog entry. =P But I must comment...It was FUNNNNNN!!!

So this farm owner, publicly known as Mr. Andrew, may not have sheep, cows, an ore mine, and a forest hotspring in his backyard; but this guy has got TWO LARGE PONDS to go fishing in, complete with two docks for kayaking; a PET sanctuary, berbilang-bilang durian, male and female papaya, mandarin orange, limau perut, kelapa sawit and dragon fruit trees (Please refer to pics)! *Scuse my city encapsuled behavior, but Dragon Fruit Trees? I've never seen any of those before, they look like GIANT aloe veras*; the nests of golden weaver birds, otters, and a real authentic cute kampung house with a little verandah overlooking the larger pond. Where is this place? It's called 'The Farm' around the area of Kuala Sungai Machang, Negeri Sembilan.

Very very nice I tell you, It's meant to be a farm where they would welcome visitors upon booking for a cheap, Cheap, ever so cheap rate of RM12 pers person if you go in a group of twenty. There's even a large lodge that can fit vast amounts of people who just want to escape city life. Fishing begineers are definitely bound to catch a Talapia on the first few casts because the pond is simply teeming with fish. Choo Ki and me were already planning to spend the end of the year there with a couple of BRATs for a three-day weekend in the farm, getting fresh produce, living of the land and playing Hanky-Panky! Hehehehe. Minus the kids and obligation to BRATs of course =D

The kids, were suprisingly real easy to watch, They didn't require much entertainment as the 'Pusat Aktiviti Kanak-kanak Chow Kit's' mama-G thaught them to entertain themselves. They even knew how to throw rubbish properly, had great manners, and wanted to help out all they can =) The whole day, we played games of duck, duck, goose, scrabble egg hunting, had a tour of the farm, attacked the rambutan tree, cuddled all the animals, watched guinea pigs cannabalise each other, fished, got soaking wet, roasted fish on the grill. and left a mark on everyone's T-shirt =). With Choo Ki's expertise, I managed to learn how to properly fry "Fuh-Yong Tan' after the kids were done with egg boggle.

In relation to a demonstrator of mine, I just learnt that Choo Ki is a good friend of hers. I was surprised to know that Yuh Shan, (whom i have been very afraid to look at my lab reports from) was Choo Ki's Catholic High classmate from ages ago. *Sings 'It's a Small World After all'* I've already told Wan Feng and May Chi and they are pretty much in shock. According to Choo Ki, Yuh Shan is pretty academic concious with aims of getting a PhD. Hehe, she can do it one lah no problemo for her. As the chinese would put it, 'Sap-sap-hsui' for her. I also took the opportunity so that Choo Ki may subtly tell Yuh Shan that she can be abit too strict when marking lab reports.

I'll be posting some photo's compliments of Khoo Choo Ki. soon enough =D (Thank you girl!) So that I may share with the rest of my journal readers, *and hopefully make plans to go* some photos of the farm. Something seems to be wrong with the server now.

Gtg to the library now, STUDY TIME!