Very Much Sugar High!

I had the greatest sugar rush while driving home tonight! All thanks to a sufficient ingestion of Dangerously Cheesy Cheetos, two doses of Teh Tarik, a packet of Vanilla flavoured Twiggies and Mmm... A third prescription of Bak Kut Teh for the 3rd time in two weeks. I must also graciously thank Ms. Branch for writing an excellent feel good piece called 'You Set Me Free', Daddykins for installing my CD player and the night for being so clear and all vehicle users that are aware of my problem with sudden bright lights admist the darkness =) I feel like i had a good, Good, GOOD day! =D It's one of the days where my throat ain't to croaky enough to pull high notes in sync with my left leg being lifted up to my Dashboard while dirving at a hundred kilometres =D Damn, Today was good! Did I mention what a GREAT day it was?

The roads where clear this morning as the spoilt chauffer driven kids dissapear from the roads due to the Deepavali celebrations. The best drive i had since the second mid semester holidays in September. I found out I didn't really miss anything for yesterday's Law class; because I attended today's Extra Law Lecture!!! Ms Elsa not only covered the 2nd semesster for 2002 paper =_D she also covered the 1st semester which yesterday's class didn't! WAIT, Wait, I'm not finished... I managed to pakat with the very academic concious girl of the Monash University's School of Business of Economics to finish discussing another semester's paper and show no mercy to Ms Elsa or Mr Thomas on Monday!!! *Laughs as cunningly of Sakuragi Hanamichi*

Managed to catch up with Kenneth, told him to take Wei Kuan out to Tamarind Springs for her birthday and had this funny little conversation
"so kenneth, where are we having the BBQ after exams?"
"Which Gua is this la??? Why want to throw BBQ in a cave?"
"Gua punya tempat, aiyoh"
*Memo to self, get hearing aids*

The library was zen-ly quiet by 4pm, rather early for today, revised the events of the Boxer Rebellion from a booked titled 'A Century of War' for personal interests, Found a copy on the hillarious Sarong Party Girl a.k.a. SPG . I also covered a large amount Law today (while largely exploiting the fluids of my yellow highlighter) and well,..although I'm not really completely done, I'm almost there! Yippee! Have I told you how great today was??? ^-^

Okay, i think my mom just spoilt my mood -_- .... Hang on a tick...

*jogs to the kitchen to make a Mango Cordial Drink with EXTRA sugar...Tick, tick, tick, DING!*

Ahhh instant sugar high =D! In liquid form for greater surface area and Adsorption per Unit Time! This is greater than Tongkat Ali, Pot, Alcohol or Cigars! Even better than falling completely out of touch with reality after sniffing 1,4-MethylBenzylamine!

My mom is making such a big fuss over tomorrows trip to Semenyih. For those of you who don't know, Me and Ash will be doing our part for the community by taking a couple fo kids from Chow Kit out to a farm in Semenyih as a Deepavali treat. It's only a programme for half a day and my mom is packing me get this... Extra socks? Band-aids? What the...Eh? *Ruffles bag's insides after fingers detect a very familliar shaped container* POH CHAI YUEN???!!! (traditional chinese medicine that effectively cures all sorts of stomach cramps). Oh Ma Lordy... However, please check out at: http://metro.thestar.com.my/news/2003/10/6498594.html

Another thing is, JASON MRAZ'S JOURNAL JUST GOT UPDATE! BRING OUT THE SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE!!! See, I have this love affair with his Journal, Not only this feller sings and plays the guitar like a pro, he also writes the most entertaining journals and includes polaroid snapshots in his picture album now and then. I recommend you read it as well. YEAY YEAY 3 new entries to read!