Chinese Dinner,...FINALLY!

Had dinner in my aunts house all the way in Happy Garden. She made me spend 4 whole hours there! Boring I assure you. But since my parents were in China, I haven't had good chinese meals served with rice in days! My maid cooks horrible food. And her gourmet instincts are so horrible, she adds soy sauce in my alfredo sauce, has the cheek to tell me that the starchy stout coloured liquid she served me on Thursday was freshly juiced apples and she boils cream yellow macaroni to the colour of snow. YUCK... Btw has anyone eaten KFCs Cheesy Wedges??? I advise you to do it now cause their REALLY GOOD!!! Again, do it now before the wedges shrink in size and they start becoming stingy with the cheese and mayonnaise.

My friend just msged me on ICQ telling me that she broke up with her boyfriend. From what she's saying and what she still calls him I can tell she still loves him and she's really dissapointed that things had to end up that way. She really loves this man, every converstaion we had, she would effortlessly slit in comments about her boyfriend and she got so upset when they fought once. When she got together with him, she was an extremely happy girl and she was so proud of this relationship, she practically bragged it to a whole bunch of my friends. I even recall that she called me up to loan 200 bucks and pleaded me desperately so that she can buy a birthday present for her guy. We all do the weirdest things and we don't think straight when we're in love with someone. I think about this cause i spent slightly more than her at the time of my relationship. The only difference is that she probably gave that present away and I'm still saving mine.

The good news is that, the switch has been fixed so now i can finally waste water and bathe in steaming water once more! The cold water didn't really do me any good cause after sleeping on the ground and further bathing in cold water, I developed slight rheumatism symptoms. For three days I was living without Astro, warm water, air conditoning and computer games! The torment! I actually enjoyed the no air cond bit cause it allows me to sleep for longer periods. Theres just something about my body and sleeping with air conditioning so long that i get stomach cramps. Since Ash wasn't home, I had the pleasure of sleeping on the bare side ;-) with the fan on. So perfect! =)

I just got hold of my lab manuals so now i can start work and finish off some work before the semester starts =D Finally something to do! =D