Thing's that go 'ribbit' in the night

I hate frogs! I hate frogs and toads!!! I HATE ALL AMPHIBIANS!!!

This evening after having dinner at me aunt's place in Jalan Kuchai Lama I ran through the rain to get in the car. After strapping myself in I realised that there was this yellowish bit of leaf stuck on the outside of the driver's window. It was only after squinting my eyes and focusing closely I realised the 'leaf' I was staring at had webbed feet with little bobbles at the ends. I FREAKED! I drove round Old Klang Road like a delusional idiot screaming constantly, hammering the window and speeding hoping the nasty critter would lose grip and get crushed by other road users.

In around August, My all BIO1022 Lab groups had to perform the dissection of frogs. There frogs are dead, an overload of chloroform ensured a path of no return. But even if they were dead I didn't like to look at them. Lunacy grabbed hold of me I started weeping in fear when Nazim (the lab assistant) came in to carry out his duties by laying the frogs on the dissecting dish. On the way scurrying clumsily out of the lower ground floor full of labs, I bumped my toe against the freezers. When I collected the virtual dissection disc from my lecturer, he told me he has never seen a case of Batrachophobia as serious as mine. I still have no idea whether I should I take his advice to go see a Psychologist?

And i recall when I was trapped with no where to go once. A junior taking the same school bus as me found out this fear so she brought two freshly caught buggers in the bus with her and taunted me all the way to the back of the bus with jingling the waterfilled clear plastic bag.

I just hope I don't go to bed with nightmares of frogs and toads waiting for me.