My first year of university is over!

Although i just ingested the worst 'Cheen Loong Koh' (garlic fried lobak cubes) and bearing the non-stop drizzle to look for sources of nasi kunyit with rendang, I'm feeling rather happy =D No longer will I be a junior in Monash University Malaysia but a sophomore! There's more to that. Iwent shopping today and bought meself the cutest looking pair of chrome coloured stilletos! They make me feet look ultra stylish suitable for day, night and especially eye catching while clubbing and during formal dinners. Either than that, call me crazy for paying RM 39.00 for a pair of black spaghetti straps but you must feel the material! As soon as you put it on, it slides in and falls nicely on all the curves of the body =D. The material is so silky smooth it caresses the skin with a soft satin tingle. Mmmm..... I love it! Next time any of you guys go out with me ask me to wear this latest addition to my wardrobe so you get to feel it's moneys worth. This is what you get for puchasing Naf Naf. I also got a spanking new haircut which makes me look fresher and less haggard Shing Ying says. Snips was having a roadshow and offering on the spot haircuts what ever style for only RM10.00. (Actually it looks a lot like my standard trim but who care's it's 10 bucks and I'm leaving it to professionals!) The is this lovely necklace up in Oscar that has shiny matte pink and red flowers peeping out of simillar toned green ivy leaves. Lovely piece going well for the roles of Arwen and Galadriel and the faeries of Shakespear's 'A mid Summer Nights Dream' Too bad it had to be spoilt with gaudy pink beads as chains.

I tried out a dress going for RM19.00 in Top Shop today. It was Royal purple, with a little cut to display some cleavage. RM19.00 for a dress is amazingly tempting to me and i couldn't be bothered with the idea of cleavage when i desperately need a new dress to be seen in. But no... the bloody thing made me look like a Liz Hurley wannabe, 7 months pregnant.

Need so many dress for what? You already have a wardrobe 3 cupboards full big enough to wear different combinations three times a day, everyday that will last you two years...

*Flicks the saintly white robed and winged figure of her shoulder* I know but I want to look absolutely sophisticated with shy frills, glitter, bouquets and straps that show off my back and shoulders. And I only have very limited pieces of that. The other pieces I have from Topshop, Morgan and BCBG Maxazaria are more for clubbing. Why did Derek have to throw two different wedding dinners for the family? I definitely can't be seen in this year's prom dress...I already wore it for Joanne's wedding dinner earlier in September. And there's no way Ms. Loke,(my SAM bio teacher) and the rest of the Acasemic staff attending from Taylor's College; will catch me in the Urban & Co. Soft pink chiffon rose dress that I wore for the 2002 SAM ball. I have decided to dress in my Liz Clairborne white satin skirt with Yen's chiffon top and black silver and metallic red threads emboidered East India Skirt and the Naf Naf bit i bought today! =D

Note of the day: I found the ENV1616 paper a breeze. No sweat =D