Trip, trip, trip goes the switch

I have never been so bloody annoyed and upset for sometime already. What exactly happened? Let's go thru a sequence of events third person style =)P

11:00:00 pm: April and Ashley drop parents off at KL sentral so they may catch their flight to China.

11:00:02 pm: As April turns into Jalan Bangsar, they both sing George Micheal's "Freedom"

11:30:00 pm: April and Ashley make a mess in the house while watching Queen of the Damned. April enjoyed staring at Stuart Townshend and both agreed that the antagonist Akasha was indeed very freaky

01:00:00 am: A black out suddenly occurs while April and Ashley were lying in their beds. Ashley hides under the covers and thinks that Aaliyah was seeking revenge for the comments made about her role as Akasha.

01:00:30 am: April flicks back on main trip switch.

01:02:00 am: Black out again.

01:02:45 am: April again switches on the main trip switch.

01:15:00 am: Main trip switch decides to have a little fun with April and Ashley.

01:16:00 am: April sleeps on the living room marble floor to keep cool while flicking back the switch every few minutes from here onwards.

05:30:00 am: April loses her patience with the switch and grabs some cable ties and pipe tapes.

05:40:00 am: After vigourous wrappings and a single cable tie, April smiles at a job well done by using tension to hold back the switch from flicking downwards.

05:40:05 am: April tells the switch bossily "How does it feel now huh? I never give up and i never show anyone or anything face if they piss me off. Who's the boss now?"

05:40:10 am: Main trip switch shows April who's boss.

06:00:00 am: April decides whether to call the battle quits while savouring Starbuck's American Cheesecake for breakfast.

06:15:00 am: Using whatever battery available, April goes online to find a solution on Google.

06:25:00 am: April sees her friend Matthew Seow online and played damsel in distress.

06:32:00 am: Matthew responds and tells April to try flicking individual sectional switches to see which may trigger the main switch.

06:32:45 am: April starts A-flicking.

07:00:00 am: Through trial and error, April finds faulty switch.

07:05:00 am. April thanks Matthew for his help and offers Matthew makan when he comes back in July. Matthew accepts and tells April to get some sleep.

07:20:45 am. April concludes that Matthew is her knight in shining armour today and decides to get some shut eye after posting journal entry.