Lessons learnt well.

Water on a Usual April Morn

Swim within the depths
on a usual April morn
propel further, faster
brush the ends
of waves formed
breeze along
uncontrollable currents
flow with them

Wade in the waters of the river
on a usual April morn
The sand
entertains the toes
in both delightful
and annoying company
the fish tickle
and the skaters break the glass

Run down the street barefoot
on a usual April morn
with your feet
crash into little pools
create a boom in the pond
ignite the air
with watery wash
Hits and misses

Trot through the woods
on a usual April morn
casually skip o'er the leaves
avoid the activity of nature
bother the water instead
muddy messes
with touches of morning dew
all over the floor

Walk across a path
on a usual April morn
avoid the large
ignore the small
small splashes
send fragments
shed small tears
on your base

Lie across the grass
On a usual April morn
Let the rain land on your lashes
catch a raindrop
with finesse
hold a piece of the world
and the seed of existence
in the palm of your hand.

-Yim Meng Lai, 01:25, 18th November 2003-

I haven't wirtten poetry for sometime. The reason why I start writing is because I have time to kill and I'm in a very reflective mood. The different areas and sceneries is based on the different lives people lead. The variety of ways in the strides is the pace a person would take life in. To me I think it's the relevance of speed to control. The rest i leave it to the beauty of imagination to let you decide for yourself =D To me poetry is a form of expression on a very personal basis =D. As Limp Bizkit would say..."Results May Vary" This was done ina style much simillar to those poems found in the timeline of the Romantics.

A friend of mine was telling me a bout a friendship on the brink of mass extinction. This guy is sweet, and overly nice but there's this girl whom he knows that he treats so well. No special relationship here folks. He boils soya bean for her, personally drives to her house to give it to her and she says she only likes it either chilled or hot. He wonders how she's doing and she accuses him of checking on her. This woman is too much isn't it? From what I hear from him he keeps on giving and she gives very little. I know this friend is very capable of giving. Without say he even offered to send me to the bus station and came down all the way from Tampin to see me in Malacca. He sent me a test tube with stars folded by himself.Even in such a basic relationship, there needs to be an equal amount of give and take. Just how much is too much and how minute is too little? If we give just alittle bit more, others will question "what does this dude want with me?" and if we don't we could be too selfish. Sigh...there is no guideline to "moderate" for everything is there? I am in the position to give as much advice as i could to him but not in the ranks to force him to digest it.

I asked him how much th relationship meant to him and if it did mean alot, then yes he should go on with the relationship. But if he thinks it's very one sided and she just really couldn't give a damn about him...lose it. I hope I did something right. Anyone care to advise him? He reads my journal often =D

I was talking to Choo Ki tonite and she gave me something to think about. It's how my life would be different if i learnt to be more feminine and gather a better outlook on my parents. Chooks also mentioned that I should carry less cash with me =D I scare all the good men away she says. Well maybe so. I think the way I guzzle my food would definitely scare them. The rate and mass I eat is proportional to about 5% of my body weight. And I need to tone down voice a lot... I get too hyper and over excited I speak so loud and heheh I know I casually brag alot kekekeke... So would I have to go back ten years and regain my once shy self? Just a fraction maybe. Start of them sem next year...I'm gonna learn how to speak softer, know when to speak and how to speak. And carry an ATM instead of cash ;-) I should get a purse that hides the credit cards from sight as well =D

Mom and Dad are back. I'll treat them much better each and everyday. I gotta understand that mom's going through the early stage of menopause and Dad's going through his own midlife crisis. As far as I can see, It's been better compared to the years past...all of my close girlfriends know it. But when things happen; shit or no shit, they will happen and I'll learn to answer 'okay'.....softly.

The lessons learnt today would be.




5) relationships are meant to be watched with care cause they are fragile

6) don't brag too much

7) Sit watch and learn =D

I'll try. And I'll do it.