In the words, of Jobaly, 'saying goodbye but not goodnight to a friend'

Today, Alvin, Azri, Me and Beatrice gathered at Kg. Baru's 'Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa' to say Ciao to Eng Hock. Well actually it was more for me and Alvin to say bye cause Bea is staying really near him in Perth and Azri will see him off at KLIA this Valentines Day.

A memorable day I might add, I learnt that my friend used 'panadol soluble' for an engineering project so that his car model would stay afloat on water. (Amazing with what people come up with these days.) Moreover, Alvin adding that at one point where Alvin said this.

Quote: "At one trip, I was having trouble with my hair. Blowing it lah. So I tried to blow it myself but in the end Poh Si blew it for me." ;)P Unquote.

That one was really cute and candid at the same go.

Moving on to Steven's Corner @ OUG, hoping that Daryan would drop by; again more things to learn...I managed to discover new things through old stories via Azri and Eng Hock...ahhh the good old BRAT days. Shocking to find out how sexual was one person and how popular another was. Not only that, but knowing that whatever gossip flies round BRATs, the source is me??? nope nope....that's not a good impression at all. I may know lots of things but I don't know EVERYTHING. Right Alvin? I tell selected people and I don't ever reveal all that causes chaos when unmasked. That would make me like that BRAT who bitched about me.

This is the very last time I will be able to hang out as a group with them before alienating myself. Yeah, some of you know why I choose to alienate myself after this when it comes to group hanging out sessions. True dat Jason, Poh Si, Matt and Dee Wei will all be coming back mid year. But I'd rather see them separately. That's definitely best. I am NOT becoming another TCC.

Just before Eng Hock drove himself back to Bea's place to pick up his car, we were talking about people in BRATs being together. I was trying to find out who he was with, if my assumptions were heading towards a certain direction & to see how to handle a situation of mine. I came to a point where I actually decided to respect Eng Hock's privacy and not asking him of his love life. As for my own problems, he just really kept quiet when I said "I can't see myself being fine after getting involved with a close friend in a batch of good friends"

And maybe during that drive back just as Eng Hock turned into Subang from Kesas...he was mentioning something about job prospectives...that could be another reason why its not here not now....

I believe after all this time, Eng Hock and Azri would know. And so would people like Matt Seow and Jason Lim. They definitely know. After all,...most of the gossip sources come from me...

Cheers Eng Hock. All the best and take care. Hope to see you on the top of the media soon.