I have perfected Shrek!

Planet Hollywood used to serve this drink called Shrek a wonderful health drink perfected with the use of fresh fruits. It was tradition for me to visit Planet Hollywood every year with my family to enjoy a good plate of jacket potatoes, a burger (medium done) with blue cheese dip for the fries, a free plate of birthday mud pie brownie, plus yummy yummy shrek. UNTIL my last birthday, when I discovered they no longer serve Jacket Potatoes or SHREK! Oh damn damn

So after a year and having eons of time at my disposal, I drove over to pasaraya Taman Tun to buy the necessary ingredients.

  • Oats (preferably Weetbix)

  • Just nicely ripened bananas

  • a packet of strawberries

  • manuka honey

  • low fat milk

So I'll share this recipe with all you food lovers out there =) Provides the right amount of calories and one glass can refuel you with sufficient energy to last through the day. Good fibre intake as well ;)
Dunk all in blender with chilled milk. Add just the right amount of strawberries, two bananas, 5 tablespoons of oats and a teaspoon of honey. Blend until thick and creamy. Serve chilled.

Mmmm.....delicious ;D