While waiting for John Mayer's 'Clarity' video ta download, I'm sitting down with a fresh brew of Kopiko instant mix coffee, smelling extremely good from the use of St. Ives Peach bath, looking through the books I bought and borrowed today (Let's flex these Harvard citation skills):

i) Brady, N. C. & Weil, R. R. (2002). The Nature and Properties of Soils. Pearson Education Inc.: New Jersey, USA.

ii) Preety, J. N. (1995). Regenerating Agriculture. Joseph Henry Press: Washington D.C., USA

iii)Madigan, M. T., Parker, J. & Martinko, J. Brock Biology of Microorganisms 10th Ed.

I studied the relative bit that i need to impress Dr. Yong on the first day of Uni until my fingers were begging me to perch them on the surface of the keyboard. So there you go fingers... i hope you're happy doing your little jig in front of the audience of a screen, a web cam, a few CDs, the Nakedbreed poster and ink refills. Somehow the left thumb can't seem to get a hold of her steps and keeps slipping on to the touch mouse pad area. :/

Anyway as promised. I had a wonderful day lolling around doing what I wanted to do. i woke up surprisingly before dawn did to paint the fence and gate. :D If you see a nice house with a finely painted white gate along Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi 2 in Taman Tun; I did that! ^-^ *does a Japanese Anime/Manga peace sign* Got dressed, with my pair of velvet Versus and a brocade top. Dolled up with very very MAC like colours. Bought myself a smashing new MNG bag for my Uni days, new shoes, more make up and the rest of the day, dated myself and myself to the cinemas for a round of Mona Lisa Smile.

Take my word for it, it's quite the show for modern women today. Every lady should watch it. I guess it spoke out to me in such a way that I should do what I am supposed to do now. My future as a person with a degree and a stable job. That's what matters to me. Ever since watching that, the phrase "changing yourself for others is only lying to yourself" stuck in my head.

So April let's keep it that way ya? Love yourself ;)


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