The long update

Who would have known that the start of uni would signify the start of endless working days. Let's recap shall we?

Sunday (29th February) - I was extremely excited thinking of all the work I would end up with. After all, A PS2 without it's AR2, A neopets account without any more neopoint submission and the last person online who would relate to all that zest building up was Joshua.

Monday- As promised for everytime Shirley carpools with me to uni in the morning, and I pick her up at 6:45am sharp to avoid the jam. However even upon arrival at the LDP/sunway toll at 7:08 am, the place is packed with cars and drivers who just can't read the signs on the road directing them to the proper toll booths. Even the shortcut by the side of the tool office, next to the petrol station turned to be more of the longer detour; more like an optical illusion.
First class up, Cellular Metabolism with Dr. Ton. The one thing good about Dr. Ton is that she reminds me of Ms. Ratnam (the former headmistress of my kindergarten). No need for close attention, her pronunciations, and intonations for certain words would make you think that what ever word she was saying at that point would be one of the key points to note down.
MIC2011. 14 lab reports in the course of 14 weeks. Spot tests everyweek. Essay tests every tutorial. In the words of my fren Daryan, AGHGAGHAGAHGAHG....
Dr Wong, lecturer for microeconomics he was very nervous for the first lecture. I won't comment further. :P

Tuesday My first lab ^-^ I get Yin Chee ^-^ I was very happy that I dressed up neatly ^-^ I saw a rat get whacked on the head by Nathan, the lab assistant and then decapitated alive while he was still twitching... :(
As from now onwards; I will still attend the second microeconomics lecture cause Dr. Wong seemed less nervous =) Met my tutor for Economics, Mr Walter Tan. Nice, funny guy.

Later I dropped by Lydia's place to give her her birthday present of a lovely 22K platinum cross addtionally donned with white sapphires...she seemed rather speechless...I wonder if she likes it.

Wednesday Twas the oh dammit,....(I can't seem to get hold of not double spacing now, sick of editing the spaces up to all this way, thank you lab reports... Anyway; twas the third day of the first week and I was already beginning to feel the pinch of classes. Fetched shirley at 6:50 instead and paid dearly for that in terms of time and petrol cost. Another round of Microbiology lectures and Cellular Metabolism lectures only now, I can't understand the Greek phrases being thought in class. or was it cellular and metabolic pathways???

Thursday Wah seh.... only Agriculture and Biotechnology lecture today. That sucks...and errr one of the lecturers has a certain strong scent lingering around... eheheh... My comp decided to crash on me that day.......bugger

Friday A much more progressive day. After lectures me and shirley took the fast way but got lost in cheras to find suet voon's house. Shirley did the hair and I did the make up. While going through her collection fo Ranma and erotic books suitable for the whims and fancy of growing girls like us; making a pact that we will be each other's bridesmaids should we ever marry.

Until today, I think I'm going to collapse very soon with my daily load of 15kg, putting up with late nights, and now...eck,......Four lab reports a week...I'm still amazed that we have to complete 46 assignments in 14 weeks. Sure it may delay me, But it ain't going to stop me blogging wahahahahhah!!!!