I am aries, hear me roar!!!


Descriptions and Horoscope related analogies compliments of yahoo.com ;)

"Aries is the first Sign of the Zodiac, and that's pretty much how those born under this Sign see themselves: first"
Me, me, me, I, I, I. No one esle should come in between the way I am but myself. Bleh...

"The leadership displayed by Arians is most impressive, so don't be surprised if they can rally the troops against seemingly insurmountable odds -- they have that kind of personal magnetism"
Whenever I take on the leadership. I make sure everything runs well. I believe strictly in monarchy where my underlings will guide me to see what is best and I will delegate my duties with the same prestige my title holds.

"Arians don't shy away from new ground, either. Those born under this Sign are often called the pioneers of the Zodiac, and it's their fearless trek into the unknown which often wins the day"
There will eventually be a first for everything. I don't believe that one day i will pass on to the next life suicidally quoting. "Now I've seen and done everything". Hey, who cares if no one is doing it, or I look weird doing it. For years I wouldn't say that being out of the usual range as weird,...just unique. ;) Note: Be daring, be different ;)P

"Impulsive Arians (and there are more than a few) might be tempted to ram their ideas down someone else's throat. If things get done for the greater good, that might even be okay. It's those times when an idea is force-fed by an Arian for no apparent reason that we wish this Sign's symbol were a more subdued creature."
I tend to think over 90% of Arians are impulsive. The rush of things just gets me excited and nervous. So sometimes my ideas don't work out....but if you could just do me a favour and digest it then you may like it. Give it a go and we'll see. So consider my options sometimes yah? Ohh,...One more thing to add, Too BAAAAaaadddd.....I can't be subdued. Nyeh Nyeh

"Arian's sheer force of being which can accomplish a great deal. Much of this drive to the finish line has to do with the Cardinal Quality assigned to Arians. Cardinal Signs love to get things going, and Arians exemplify this better than the rest. These folks are bold, aggressive and courageous. They can summon up the inner strength required to take on most anyone, and they'll probably win."
*looks at everything else in the eye and raises one eyebrow. Slowly purses her lips to pronounce with utter intonation..."Bring It On"* No, no, no, never give up. It would look bad on me if i leave my things half way done and i can't show a winning status. If I want it done, I will do it. I'm so kiasu I can't take the idea or accept the fact that I lose in battle. Even if I win and if the feller wants a rematch; hey, more than welcome! You probably haven't got enough beating from me yet.

"At times, their approach may be construed as arrogant and domineering, but it takes a lot of focus to be a leader (or so an Arian would say)"
Hey, no one said it would be easy. You win some, you lose some. *whisper: But I still can't take the losing!!! >_<*

"Sadly, the Arian won't usually be around for the final victory (defeat? never). These folks will more than likely have bolted to the next project before the first one is done."
Moving from one thing to another has come to much valuable use these days. Because of my accumulation and endless branching of university assignments, my blog no longer gets the credit it deserves,...i think. (like many folks read this anyway =P )

"The Element associated with Aries is Fire. Think action, enthusiasm and a burning desire to play the game. Arians love physicality, so they won't sit on the sidelines for long, if at all. They'll jump into the fray full force and will contribute much in the process"
Little ol me? Physical. Not likely. I'm those rare pig-out-like-crazy-and-sleepyhead-arians. I don't usually play sports. But thats going to take a turn, starting Tennis coaching this Sunday with my frens! Yay! And I'm prepared to kick ass.

"Sure, some of their decisions may later prove to have been hasty, but you'll never find an Arian who regretted taking a shot"
Everything is a learning process. Regrets only leave excess baggage on you not worth carrying. Let lessons be reminders not regrets

"In the game of love, the Ram's ardor is unquestioned, although Arians can also be playful and romantic with their mate"
And yet I have been told, although Aries do a lot of head-butting, they are sheep when it comes to being with their mate. Oh boy...how contradicting =P

I love the way I am so deal with it... Nyehh....


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