No Life

“Isn’t it sad? Our life seems to be governed by the corners of this course?” – Chan Shing Ying 6th April 2004, 15:56pm

Dramatic changes in the frame of six weeks. Being vigilantly watched under the eyes of two particular educationalists. Being proud of reaching further than close friends and apprehensive of distributing tips that influence the placing of the bar. Envious; oh how people can still have a good time when red marks blanket their papers. Greatly, emotionally frazzled with 18.5/25 for the cellular metabolism lab report.

It’s a 74 on the percentage scale and yet I’m so angry at myself. Whatever happened to guitars, Final Fantasy, coffee bean, gossip, shopping and blogging?


What kind of KIASU CRAP am I?

I begin to worry if my past off-putting comments that I had once used before were all coming true. Once I was worried about how bleak everything look; and then I sighed pleasantly; and, I sit to wait for truth to drop by.

I wonder if this chemical and biological asymptote could really expand further and if it’s really THAT suited for a person like me?

Missing the career fair due to lack of mental and physical enthusiasm. Support from dad saying that my future is secure. Wondering if switching to a masters in barter and trade would do me any good.

Doctor; Klinik Ah Kow in Pandan Indah.
Shoemaker; Jimmy Choo, Highstreet, London