A letter to the being who makes my life what it is.

'The Address of concern'

My week has been a living hell.

Dear sir, errm madam? or whatever title in you would like to be addressed as;

With reference to the title above, I wish to convey my thoughts on your plans that you employed in the latest week of my life.

1. First of all you had to give me two reports for microbiology and it just happens that the one with the full report contained the most errors and the most dysfunctional demonstration slides I've ever known. There just also happens to be a question on the conversion factor of 0.9 from glucose to glycogen which no one can understand.

2. For once I could not concentrate in class leaving me no option but to quietly doze off twice a day beginning wednesday. Following a subsequent long nap on Thursday and a recovery rest on Friday. Due to so, I have been missing out on 120 minutes of activity in my life due to exhaustion.

3. You arranged a Diarroea warfare on me on Friday morning, 3:30am, resulting in a suffering tutorial at 8am, a non-productive three hour break and a tormenting lecture from 12 to 1. And I missed out on a lecture and lab PLUS, Dr. Ton saw me walking out of the lecture theater. If it weren't for so many telling me to go home to rest I would have stubbornly put up with the pain.

4. Is it just me or is EVERYONE not free for a mamak session or a cup of coffee? I haven't had a decent girls days out which is keeping me from getting sufficient doses of caffiene as well. :P *Bleh...*

So, I have but one small request I wish you could do something better about the next 34 hours of my life including the gift that Uncle Tony has brought back from Adelaide (Please no more read-a-long CDs, furry candy canes, or travel chess sets). By the way thank you for telling mom to get the nice watch for me :)

Thank You.