2 Day Birthday ^-^

Because I didn't get myself a cake on the 9th, I Insisted that on dinner the following evening, I would have a cake that has two large candles sticking out from it. So here it is!!!

Chocolate Truffle cake from Secret Recipe. MMMMmmmm... with PINK candles!

And here are some of the gifts ^-^

A very innovatively presented chunky necklace by Shing Ying! (and no, it doesn't mean I'm 2000 years old...)

Birthday gifts to myself!!! Aren't they lovely? The pair of PINK studs were given to me by Shirley and Suet Voon together with...

Potassium Permaganate!!! I called her that because she's purple! Don't mind me being too scientific.. at least I know the name is unique!

Here's another softie bestowed upon me this day. He's named Ichigo (Strawberry for japanese) after the colour of his cheeks when they light up and play a melody! Given to me by Siew Fei

A girl just can't have 'too much' jewellery. Lindsay came by with Choon Ming to pass me this lovely piece.

Check out this lovey embroidered pouch Mindy Yi Ma flew back from Nepal. Black smoothness with silken red dragons.

And a pair of diamond earrings from my aunts just too sparkly too snap, a lovely bouquet of now withered, 20 PINK roses, another pink Nepalese sling pounch, 2 eyeshadow compacts, and a new MNG tank top.

30 lovely wonderful SMSes from friends and family, 2 e-cards from Felicia and Mei Ai, one card on the way from Tampin (I think) 8 phonecalls and a number of pleasant ICQ/MSN/Friendster messages. Thank you everybody who spent their time to wish me a very happy birthday and apologies for not replying due to technical problems. Thank you again I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Hahahaha I'm one lucky girl!!!

And guess what, there's more to come!!! Vysia is treating me to dinner and well, I haven't met up with Hsu Pheen or Lydia C. yet neither have I gotten my Fender electric guitar with the amp yet. ;)

(will try to fit in more photos soon in this entry so don't be surprised if you see this entry updated ;)


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