It is my karma

There is a saying in Malay that goes, '...malu bertanya, sesat kemudian...' which directly means "if you're too shy to ask, you'll lose your way later."

Which is why I wonder, some people just don't bother to find out where they are heading.

Would you like to share something which you know not many people will give you credit for? That they'll just suck and tap your brains dry?

So it's my business for doing things where I just want to be right. So I'm a perfectionist. So I am so afraid of losing grip of where I'm going. So I'm paranoid you say that I try very hard and work hard until my health has had to pay rents. So I grant you extra work because I found a better way to go round the problem.

You believe in enjoying living life to the fullest. You don't mind producing last minute work stressing your brains for the last few moments. You have no guilt by processing 80% of another persons work to claim it as your own sweat and blood.

Then why pray tell, do you still labour after learning my way, why do you come to plagarise my work, osmose all that knowledge out of me and speak behind me when I just ask?

If you have a problem with me taking the form of an inquinsitive learner, then don't say it it front of my face or go telling others whilst still asking me please.

No matter, I will guard my karma and not turn people down when they ask. Or you start twisting things the other way round. Ask nicely and don't speak too sharply of others. You will find no idiot greater than me who still shares her knowledge generously with the world even if earth disappoints her. And I will tolerate no longer, be it you have the same grades or one slight rank below me because you took part of it from me. Eat this.


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