Can you spot the differences?

I deserve a pat on the back for juggling 10 assignments and two tests in one week WITHOUT a seniors report AND handing them up on time. That goes the rest of the Monash students who also managed to make haste of their workload too! ^^ So I said, earlier in the semester, I'd thought I'd never see the sight of 5 reports. Why am I know getting to feel that when I always open my mouth about some thing bad, another worse event would crop up in the near future Hmmmm.... :/

In Aathi's words, "Absolute hell"; In Jak's word's, "Sounds like you're doing fourth year"; In Gaik Li's words: "OMG you're not serious are you?"; and in Mr. Tan's (The Economics Tutor) words:"Gosh, quality and quantity papers"

Don't call it bad time management; I don't believe that I would do my best if I don't give all my best, if I don't use my time to do all I can. In return, definite close to perfect scores on the MARDI report and 2nd cellular metabolism assignment, hopefully at least a distinction to the Economics assignment, and the many thank you's by fellow classmates who never understand what the examiner wants

It's over anyways and I can finally lay my cursor on the journal progam, glide on the strings of my instruments, update the levels of my playstation characters, go shopping, taste the air of the cinema and haha...clean my messy room. And speaking of the messy study. I managed to salvage two guitar picks, 3 pairs of earrings (but for some reason I can't find the pouch where they play genie in), a pack of baby wipes, a much needed puncher, and some revision notes. Behold...


After ^-^