I need work to keep these ideas away

My cousin is getting married. She didn't confirm with any of us that she was seeing anyone. She only spilt the September event to us about three nights ago.

After a year of dating; she's engaged, has planned for a big event in Penang and Kuala Lumpur. That's only ONE year. Minus the 6 months she was in Scotland without seeing a glimspe of him after they so called 'broke-up' and SUPPOSE they took a month to arrange the paper work and for wedding arrangements.

FIVE MONTHs of dating dear readers and I don't know myself if she's sure of him. At least she says now she's sure. It's her life and I shouldn't be too bothered until it involves me.

Next girl in line from both sides of the family, ladies and gentlemen. And when you spend the weekend with the Hakka part of the family, you get it announced in a deafening blare of chit chats. No kidding that the bouquet that flew in my face last December was the Nostradamus of all flora kind. I don't want to screw up my life that I'd be the topic of bitching. No matter whoever my cousins bring home *yak yak yak*; What ever my cousins do *yak yak yak*

I predict myself within the next 1,000 days, whoever I bring back (IF I DO FIND SOMEONE HOPEFULLY)...surely again *yak yak yak* Then again I hope the next one would be as steady as I would love to have. I don't want to date half the year and make that as a starting point to bear kids for him. Neither do I want to drag it long and technically waste my time, energy and again lose hope on a non-fruitful relationship.

Still thankful that I believe I can fall in love with anyone if I allow myself, and learn too. That's how I think she for him, and how he fell for her

Know what; Now, I don't plan to have a checklist for what I need for a partner. I want to see in a reasonable course of time, want to be pleasantly surprised by the behavior of people I meet, and then decide then. You may see it as a point that I don't know what I want. I do know what I want. Cause it's not here yet, or its around and I'm not aware. Maybe someone like......'Nahhh...'

Surprise me pleasantly world.