When there is no Uni...

Checklist for the next three weeks...for the mean time

People to catch up with:
1) Felicia
2) Jhameia
3) Timothy, Li Shean and Dee Lern
4) Marie
5) Lindsay
6) Matt and Jason...without bumping into I know who
7) Lydia and Hsu Pheen...(yoo hoo where are you???)

Things that must be done.
1) Lose the effects of burning the midnight oil
2) Housework= Since my new maid just took off to new places by herself at 2am yesterday
3) Improve my tennis, if I can
4) Print the next round of past year papers
5) The spare tyre mountains of flab round the waist
6) Spend time with Auntie Lindy


George said...

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