Prep up girlies

It's against the rules to wear that funky skirt out twice in a month especially when wearing it to places that you frequent.

Keep those nails neatly trimmed, ensure that hair is perfectly coiffed, legs remain sassy in those bottoms and shoes, shine that adorable pout, shed unsightly limb jungles and be present with toned flawless skin.

So goes the Chinese saying, 'Tis hard to be a person'. Might I add a small addition to the phrase which goes '...especially a woman'

I just blew RM100 on a cut and wash by the senior director of 'a cut above' in pyramid. Please note, this is also inclusive of a discount voucher which Jocelyn passed to me. An RM100 attempt to look like girls from the Japanese Hello Project. RM100 just because I swore to Uncle Rock that I would have my hair cut the next time he saw me. RM100 for the heck of it.

You just can't sit down and expect to look pretty. Sigh... you have to work and PAY to look pretty.