By definition: The discrimination of another's manner of speaking and ways of life as practiced by their ancestral origin.

I thought no one like me existed until I have my ownself heard of confessions from other peers and especially the older people.

Its become quite the habit. upon meeting a fresh face; I ...

i) Refer to the spelling of the last name
ii) If I can't rely on the structure of the family name, I go for the given name besides the Christian name.
iii) I look for facial and structural characteristics that may distinguish the persons spoken dialect.

Hokkiens love oyster-y food, Hakkas are rough, Teochews are soft spoken, Hainanese seem to like poultry, Cantons are quite lavish..., and the list just goes on I haven't even touched "Sing-ning".

Older aunties that I personally know have take a straight look and new people that they meet. Before you can even pour tea to serve them, they probably can guess what you are, what you like to eat and the way you behave. If you are of their own kind, they just smile and that passes extra credits to your personality. You and the auntie shud be as the Hokkiens say, "kaki-lang". Prepare to face constant muttering if you can't match up to the criteria.

Do understand that it doesn't mean I live to discriminate and that I pass judgement all to quickly. It allows me to understand the other walks of life better and myself as well. I am after all already made up of four (from my grandparents) and seeing another who is made up of two.

Muhibah-nyerrrr :D (Malay for the term 'Goodwill')


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong in trying to figure out someone else's ancestry. =D My dad, upon meeting my form teacher, asked "Are you from the North?" and she was surprised to see how well he guessed.

It's not a bad thing unless you hate another person based on it. It's actually a fairly interesting game.

Hainanese heads are flat at the back too, from what my brother told me. That's how one of his friends' mothers figure our ethnicity out.


april yim said...

And so I was told about it too :) Did a little testing with some of my hainanese friends..woah it's about 80% true :)

Jason said...

Touches the back of my head...

OMG!Its true.:bpbpb