Conversations: How to Opress a Rapist.

G: Would you look at those two eat at the next table. Gosh, appetizers and they're already raping their food!

A: Speaking of rapists G, I think the best way to teach them not to rape is to permanently chastise them. You know how men are so afraid of losing their fertility.

G: *Laughs* Violent but it solves the problem. Strap them on a chair and fry their balls!

A: You could option castrate them.

G: Damn girl, just guilottine the damn stick. Insert head here. *CHOP* (accompanied by Karate hand movements.)

*Both burst out laughing*

A: Besides emasculation, could just insert shockers. So when the idiot gets turn on, he gets 1,000 Volts of potential running through him. Dang G. Eversince you told me bout them *signals eyes to the greedy eaters* i can't turn my sight away.

G: I have a question.

A: Shoot.

G: What about the jerks who stick stuff up small kids and permanently damage them?

A: Oh hell. we'll stick up the same stuff up their sexual hole and see how they would like a dick with a big black hole.

G: Yeah, and we'll see how they enjoy being severly hurt by the splinters of a branch :P


G: Women then?

A: ahhh... Ummm...

G: Seal of their passage?

A: OOOO...passable. Stick up a threadless tampon up them everyday.

G: Or merge up their 3 holes into one humongous one.

A: Oh shit.

G: You got that right. Shit, piss and all.

*Laughs up the corner*

A: Hey look. Those two kinda look sick. I think they lost their appetite

G: Serves them right for eavesdropping :P


Jason said...

So brutal...violent...18PG!!

Anonymous said...

Pfftttt..... old discussion :P

Although I am fond of the castration method to control rapists. Otherwise, I'd settle for women just standing up for their rights and men learning to respect women.


Anonymous said...

talk aboit mental image!! esp the one about sealing up the holes.. that sure is one heckuva scarry thought.