MPOB summaries

GGGIIIIIIIIIIAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *Ruffles hair with both sides of the head at an insane speed*

Damn. Dr. Ravi is done with our draft and I need to go back to the Malaysian Palm Oil Board tomorrow. Tralala. I hope we have enough space to sit and finish that darned report once and for all. I'm sooo not in the mood to sit down QUIETLY to write a report.

Speaking of which. My MSN just went bleep with a mail from Winnie.


*click* *click* *click* *slurp* *click*

PHOTOS!!! Ok, there's something less dull for you all at work :) The last day we all became super posers.

P.S.Notice how good we all look because we knew we were going to be photographed XD

Here we have yours truly, Winnie and Jean Nie :)

No prizes for guessing who is sitting down; and Aileen :)

And the celebrity of the institution. Elaeis guineensis subtype, Tenera :P