Cuts over burns.

If there is one way I hate getting wounded, it's by any burning sensation. I've had my share of hot oil splashes, filament burning, iron and soulder lesions, sun burns, chemical burns and injuries caused by flying sparks...there is no greater beast of an injury that bothers me greatly than the rug-burn.

Before today, my last rug burn was halfly caused by a lame but persistent clown at the club's kids party who was so insistent on getting me to do the limbo dance. Just about 3/4 through the limbo dance, a super energetic boy (holding the other half of the blame) pushed me so hard from the back I sent the stick flying through the air with my chest and fell on my knees against the harsh carpeting.

How did the latest one happen? I had a mild showery accident in the loo and decided to make a dash for the cupboard to find a dry pair of pants....but I forgot about the pants around my ankles.

The irritating thing about a rug burn is usually a large area of skin gets affected and the knowing fact that rugs or carpets are never clean floorings. Neither can you use something to scrub the dirt out cause the pain is as hellish enough the moment a drop of water falls on to the skin. The wound then, like any other burn, would get slightly watery and depending on the degree of the burn, get pusty. Slight stretching or flexing of the skin can aggravate it easily and thus present more pain than there already is.

If I have to have a wound, I'm biased towards having cuts. They can be cleaned easily with alcohol and they at least don't involve two different sensory receptors. They don't usually tear liquids like burns do.

The next few times I take a shower I'm going have to play gymnast and shelter my affected knee with a waterproof screen.