So... you bloggers are consumed with popularity.

I'm going to get good flaming for this. Yes I know that.

Again I stress I'm no sour puss about the number of comments left in my own blog.

I would like to ask some of you out there what is with you people who can't do anything but blog on such a fervent basis even when you plainly have nothing to blog about? ADD is it?

Imitation is the lowest form of flattery unless you're honest with yourself about it. Funny how someways other people can detect that eh?

Some of you could have taken the whole blogging thing, turned it into a fad and made it very available. It's really nothing elite or anything, but give it what it's worth and personally, I don't think it's worth as much as the other objectives of life.

...and for those who patronise and advertise themselves...please give humanity a break. Don't answer unless asked to.

Stop counting your traffic and comments and count back the number of days you have left in your life.

There. I said it.


Anonymous said...

But dude! What about all those attention whores?!