Stories from the Driving Test sites 2

While passing the long hours, the hunger pangs and the countless sms-es, she picked up conversation with a Malay guy taking the test for the first time. Apparently he had only spent two hours on the road compared to the 16 hours before he was allowed to take this driving exam. After her trip on the road she grumbled back into the seat next to the chap.

"What did you do that nastyman didn't yell at you when you entered the car? He yelled at me at not touching to check. I did make it obvious by looking around with my eyes rolling round the car to check. I didn't see you touching anything"

"Oh simple, I just started pointing at things and yelling "THAT'S OK! MIRROR, GOOD! GEAR OK! INSTRUCTOR, HENSEM!" XD

Okay that made me nearly choke on root beer...She continued.. "Well cher, do you know why Shi didn't pass either? Let me tell you..."

Her friend was doing the slope bit and by the time she reached the top part of the slope, she tried to break after slowing down. Even with the break all the way down and the hand break pulled up, The car started to roll back and both her hands left the steering wheel in vain attempt to pull the handbreak up tight. You can guess what happened. Apparently they gave her a faulty car and failed her for failing to "check" the car.

We finished our round of driving stories swapping when someone called to say she was failed for not checking the wipers on a hot sunny day. I guess I've had enough of nasty driving test stories. At least for now :P