Questionable questions

Here's an illustration:

Are you gonna finish off that last piece of chicken?

Is it possible for you to stay back tomorrow after class?

Would you like to go to Genting for the day?

Are you on holiday tomorrow?

Why? In this context, to make a long story short it actually means...What's in it for you that has got something to do with me. For people like me, it's a habit that I never took notice of, until at least my boyfriend pointed it out to me.

It got raised again recently (yes it happened more than once) over the April's issue of the Cleo magazine.

HY: Do you have this month's Cleo?
Apr: Yes.
HY: Do you still want your Cleo magazine?
Apr: Why?

When other conversations took place in my head...

Is he looking for competitions?
Are there any vouchers inside that I missed out?
Is there an article which he heard from someone that it's a must read?
Maybe he's bored.
Does he want to check out the Cleo Bachelors?

Until he requestions me with: Why are all females like that?

Lydia, says; "Well maybe its just some people but I tend to answer first before proceeding to ask why."

To test the accuracy of this inference I played such questions on my own family:
I asked Ashley:
Ash, do you still have any CD-R's left from your last stack?

I asked mommy:
Mom do we still have Udon noodles in the fridge?

I asked daddy:
Dad, can I change my Touch N Go card with yours?
No. Didn't you load it yourself? (Ahh you see here ladies and gentlemen... A different answer!)

Perhaps we tend to forseek the future issue of the question so much that we proceed to fast fowarding and getting the answer straight to the point. Or perhaps we are just too immersed with our own selfishness :P

Don't ask me again... I would also like to know why :)