A big little girl raves about small big work

So now, at least I have something better to do over the holidays rather than bum at home and grow fat while at it. I'll need something like this to finance my spendrift habits also :P

How I landed in this position? I opened my big fat mouth. I thought the job would just run over a couple of days and then I have the rest of the weeks to enjoy my holidays per se. Oops..I was wrong...It's going to last me till the very last Friday of my semester break. Still better than resorting to shopping on an schedule-less weekday and ending up spending even more money.

This job is for me to promote a practically large scientific conference for Agriculture and Medical Biotechnology. I'm needed to correlate a few stuff, get the relevant people in to the swing of things, and alot of paper work to be done too :P It'll be something good to put in my resume to the very least :)

The best part of the job? I have my own office! Whee!

The office desk

A little part of life for the next 3 weeks. I know, shabby and it could use a little redecorating, I'm bringing my Bubblegummers mug, a pair of old man and old lady porcelain figurines, a gold plated clock with cherubs and stab a few post-its to give the room that 'busy' look :P

Deskwork: The view from across

My desk faces this end of the room. Hiked up skirts, cute butts, beer guts and small packages, you name it I see it. No one can see me tho :D

Deskwork: Oooh door gifts

Wahey! Door gifts! =P

But eh,..the room was more or less unoccupied for the last few months so I had to do some cleaning. Below is tissue no.1 for the table. I hate to find out what the last person on the chair i'm at was doing while working.


I can assure you tissue No. 1 for the keyboard was much worse.

So here I'll be for the next 3 weeks plus. Hoping that the cost of my daily coffee dose does not defeat the amount I earn. If you're around there gimme a call and let's do lunch :)

A break from deskwork @ Monash


Jason said...

Now, whats the telephone number direct to ur office room? :D

april yim said...

hahaha I have no idea!
i only learned the password to the phone at 1 o'clock today :P

Anonymous said...

i think u might need rent-to-kill for disinfecting ur office. :) cute and orderly stationery...

minishorts said...

oi so THIN adi

not fair, not fair.

april yim said...

Anonymous: No need for rentokill...I'm bringing sodium hypochlorite from the lab! Or I'll just go borrow my lecturers UV light.

Minishorts: Oii...see the fat near my elbows hey ho. But if you think so... Whee!

Anonymous said...

hey,I was one of the last ppl who used that room b4 u for environmental audit..(don't ask me the purpose of the project)

NickTay said...

Saw you at the PPS Bash :)

april yim said...

anonymous: *Flips thru the env audit* u must be one of the fellers in this list here.

nick: caught sight of u too :)

saRah said...

you look so cute in that last pix!