The charging Nut of San Peng

Exams were over today! Yay! What a better way to kick off the holiday mood knowing that the last paper was the easiest of the lot. But first.. a narcissitic post exam pose :P

Already part of my precious precious hours today were taken up by waiting and sending my aunt back to the the bus station so she can mosey down to Singapore and then jump on a plane back to Perth. Moreover, since I'm going to be starting work tomorrow, I had to use the time I had left today to go do some retail therapy.

Upon request and enquiry from traders to look for the Big thing I was looking for, Mommy drove us both down to "Hoh Ching Yun". San Peng, for those of you like me who don't speak Chinese labelling :P It's an old part of KL smack somewhere between Pudu and Cheras, visibly located at from the Hang Tuah station of the Star LRT course.

The place if some of you didn't know is a completely wholesale area dedicated towards clothes, textiles, accessories and more clothes. Traders are particularly fussy about selling their pieces and stick up "WHOLESALERS ONLY". If you're brave enough, you could ask every store only to get more that alittle told off by them.

Others actually allow the sale of individual pieces but usually at higher prices. Yet, really nothing compared to the prices outside, the rates here are F***ing low. I was at the point of disappointment near most shops thouh cause they refused to sell the really HOT clothes. If I wasn't carrying the big thing I bought, I would have taken photos of the road too show u, but I'm still heading there next Monday anyways so you'll be able to see photos by then ^-^

To prove my point, I manage to squeeze this in my tab after convincing some traders as well.

You try making this and selling it for less than RM30

It's less than RM30 and so much more cheaper (as compared to RM60 in Sungei Wang)... of coz lah...wholesalers.

And then I went in to P&L an accessories shop selling korean/austrian crystal knick knacks.. Wahhh.. I came out with this sight for sore eyes.

Pretty Earrings

Nice leh?

I actually would have come out more if I didn't have my hands filled with the main purpose of my visit there. First thing adi, when I saw the thing, it was big, long and huge. Perfectly symmetrical too.

Oh? Soli, soli, forgot to show you the big thing :P

Yay! I'm finally organised!

My very own earring tower! Whee!!!!! Aiyak... *Wipes off the sweat drop from her readers' heads and fans them for those who have fainted off their seats*

This can hold up to 300 ++ pairs of earrings...Unfotunate that I don't own so many pairs, but it should be filled up soon! Yes, yes, which DOMESTIC house has such things...hey If my family is capable of owning a multiple toilet roll dispenser,why not an earring tower?

If you wanna go there, ask me, I'll tell you how to get there (refer to above) or better still, I can take u there :P Photos will be posted up soon.

For now... HOLIDAY!


Anonymous said...

april, wow! merdeka!!! at last those stricken exams are over..


FeR said...

that tops is so lovely!!!

i saw a beaded top in that pinkish colour - my goodness! USD24! That RM30 cheap cheap!!!!


I want?

Anonymous said...

OMG! I TOTALLY need an earring tower like that!!

- Jha

expectation said...

heys, hopped from jayelle's.
how much is that earring tower? at least i have an excuse to get more earrings if i have that tower!

april yim said...

expectation: It's rm 50-60 depending on which shop you go to ^-^

Ayou said...

Wah... the earning tower we usually saw at the shops. I have alot of earings but not as much as this.

I love to collect earings!!