PPS bash. Some of the Explicit bits and some of the none explicit.

As like any other bash, the 2nd PPS birthday was a blast :D

Well if Minishorts didn't ask me I wouldn't have gone also :P So after being friends for sometime we showed each other how much we care for each other :D


I blame it on the coke.

Elaine, Eric, Minishorts and Nick in the pic

peter tan

Peter Tan

kimberly cun

and Kimberly ,

kenny sia

And Kenny Sia

It was great having everyone at the party last night! It was great to finally meet all of you!
No words can quite possibly describe my emotions about last night. I'll leave the better descriptions of the party in the hands of other bloggers :D


suanie said...

MUAKSSS u so hot!

april yim said...

suanie:*MUACKS YOU ARE HOT TOO!* pics pics of me and u :D

minishorts said...


hahahah eric looks like he's in a harem or something... what the fuck is nick doing lah spoiling his fun.


NickTay said...

Yeah! you are hot. Should have talked to you, alas, a little to shy :)

MuscaD said...

Whoa babe..you da bomb! muahahahaha

Where is the pic of you and me girl? *wink! hahahahaha

berries said...

You look great!

killuminati said...


i didn't know it was you, i would have loved to take a photo with you.

/me kicks myself.

Peter said...

Killuminati, nyeh nyeh nyeh, I have a photo taken with April. We didn't even had the opportunity to chat but at the very least it was nice to have said hi to you. Can I have a copy of the photo in its original resolution? Thanks. My email is mail@petertan.com

april yim said...

nick: Thanks :)

Berries: Thank you too ^-^

killuminati: Aiks aiks, I also missed taking a pic with u! :( Always be a next time rite? ;)

Peter: Likewise it was great meeting u :) I'll send it in as soon as the line in my area gets fixed o_O