Toilet accessories

I know many of you who have working parents who want to do nothing more than sit at home to catch up on much wanted Zzzs. Others have mother shopaholics who love nothing more than having retail therapy for comfort over the accumulation of stress.

And then there are the daddiez...who could do nothing better with their weekends but to go hunting for something to do fixing things that weren't broken. My daddy happens to be one of those the Malaysian versions of 'Tim The Tool Man Taylor' *snicker*

I thought my dad was nuts to install a hanging TV in a small little toilet, with cable TV. And at that point, no one really quite wanted to get out of the comfort of the toilet until a commercial break. After concluding that there was more movement on a Norah Jones music video than anal movement during business, the TV was taken down.

This time, its not quite something that would put you in the mood to hibernate in the toilet but...

I was studying when my cell rang.
Daddy? At this hour?

"April, got toilet paper at home or not?"

"Eh of course got lah, Mommy just bought 2 days ago"

"How many rolls?"

"Count for w..."

"How many rolls??"

*Goes off to count tissue rolls...Tissue rolls of all things...what does he want? Throw the tissue up in the trees to make dangling streams?*

"7 1/2 rolls"

"Not enough, go and buy?"

"Hah? Go out all the way to pay parking and petrol to buy tissue paper?"

At this point we both were super annoyed.

"Go and buyyyee."

"Ok Ok whatever"

I buy them leave them in the store room before taking a nap. In my dream I hear weird screwing noises the sound of drills and the snapping shut of plastic. I wake up, position myself on the toilet bowl to take a lady like piss. Due to extreme exhaustion my head fell to the left side hoping to land some comfort springy toilet phone wires :)

My head goes at break neck speed and something really tried to BREAK MY NECK. What the hell?

It was big, round and filled with toilet rolls. A TOILET ROLL DISPENSER?
So, every house needs one, I'm talking about the little porcelain ones with the fittings for a spring in a tube of plastic.
but a MULTIPLE Toilet roll dispenser?

Crazy ain't it? Even Hotels don't have one! Crazy crazy ideas.

I still can't get over the idea of one in my own toilet.

Geez... A toilet roll dispenser.


Jayelle said...


Jason said...

-sweat- your dad really hebat sial~

april yim said...

This i promise you jason and jayelle, is not the Whole story :P

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