Toilet Accessories II

Didn't I mention that there would be more than there already is?
My dad has taken toilet technology to a serious level although obsolete.

This time credit shall be given to Ashley for her veni, vedi, vici experimentation.

She too, like me likes to enter the toilet half dazed, half stoned, the other half just wanting to take a dump. The shaky toilet seat has just been replaced with a brand new one and is just itching to be sat on.

She looks around the toilet for something to focus on. No newspapers or magazines or Archie comics are within decent reach. She thus proceeds to searching for interesting labels on the toiletries to examine.

'I saw an "On-off/Hi-Low" dial with level indicators between them. While holding on to the dial I did a Dee-Dee..."What does this button do?"'

Something cold shot up her behind.

Apparently she was so shocked, she opened up a gap from the to toilet seat and the toilet bowl spurted out water like an archer fish

The toilet bowl fights back!

Never simply press buttons yah?

Oh, and it doesn't really aim well for girls. A little tilting of the body and adjustment to seating is required for a squeaky clean finish.

Cheers to home improvement All thanks to daddy. *Shakes head* It just made my whole family a whole lot more lazier too wash up after toilet use.


Jason said...

-extremly speechless-
-brain dead-

And I though I will only get to use/see/experience it when I am in Japan.

OMG, Ap can I pay u a visit any time? *grins*

meiteoh said...

Yes, I remember seeing toilets like that! Watched Crocodile Dundee II?

tigerjoe said...

A couple were mentioned over dinner last weekend that it's impossible to find a bidet in Malaysia. They're renovating their bathroom too, see.

I think I will let them know about this accessory. Thanks for the tip. :P

KY said...

seeing toilets before i have my dinner is never a good thing..

neways, i added a link to ur site. :D

Sodium Vanadium said...

Ever stood in front of the toilet bowl with such a bidet - wondering what it is - the 'sila tekan' button seductively invites me to press -"Oh press me baby " - So I press - out squirts a high stream of pressure straight at my pants - Oops mummy, I think I pee peed ! (Real life situation of a 30 year old guy - yours truly)

april yim said...

Jason: You know you're always welcomed at my place :)

Scarfer: YEA! Watched it ages ago :D

Tiger: I think it was bought at ikea or ace hardware or some sort. But now you know and now they know :D

Ky: Thankies :)

Sodium Vanadium: Aiyoh...kesian you

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