The Mexican

Ivanov - Deepr, very Deeprhythms says: hola! hay algien ahi?

(His name starts to etch a series of incoherant procreative ideas in my head. I decide to label him according to his nick initials... Mr. International Direct Dial).


IDD: heeeeeeyyyyyyy!!!!!! no muy okupada hee!!!! (Not very something i suppose...)

Wickid Hecate: ?

IDD: una de 2 (one of which two???)

Wickid Hecate: sorry i only speak english

IDD: ooo...sorry i say....hi from? you

Wickid Hecate: malaysia

IDD: im mexico (yes, and i'd like to be Monaco)

Wickid Hecate: oh no wonder some of your words look spanish

IDD: waith sorry, I am not very good speaking Englishman. But if I understand you.. my name is *CENSORED* and i have 22 years old. (Of course, you're Mexican not English, even if you were you admit u won't make a very good one, and i wouldn't want to have 22 years old of anything as of current)

Wickid Hecate: I'm April 21 years old

IDD: is not true, you chating with the cyber boyfriend...jejeje (I have one? I didn't even know @_@)

Wickid Hecate: ?

IDD: Have you boyfriend? Have you girlfriend? dog? (Now he's confused about my sex, or thinking me as a talented animal with appendages flexible enough to use a keyboard)

Wickid Hecate: dog? I'm a girl

IDD: Have you boyfriend? or not?

Wickid Hecate: Yes. Do u have girlfriend?

IDD: not yet. is because Im ugly..jeje You can believe. But what they do not know is that the snubs we are better in the bed ... jejeje (the what?? thanks for telling me that you're pretty cool in bed but...no thanks)

Wickid Hecate: ok good for you then

IDD: I bet that your boyfriend is handsome. Ugly? (What has it got to do with you?)

Wickid Hecate: My boyfried is a nice guy.

IDD: im a designgraphic printer t-shits, clothes (my shits only come out looking either roundish or longish, never T-shaped :P and I only use myself, not so canggih to use printer)

Wickid Hecate: What time is it in Mexico?

IDD: 12:13AM. There? (Finally, not one, but two grammatically correct sentences!)

Wickid Hecate: 1 pm

IDD: *shocked* (He hasn't quite looked at the map to look for Malaysia) You have not said to me that you like music (Huh? since when did you ask me?) I like Bjork. (Sorry I lost you there. I don't think this conversation will last cause I don't like Bjork..unless...)

Wickid Hecate: I like Coldplay. Goo Goo Dolls. Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis, Dashboard Confessional.

IDD: Others? (Seriously now..)

Wickid Hecate: Not many others. Anyways I have to go. Adios. (Might as well end it here lah)


KY said...

now an audio clip of that would be fun. :D