Pleasant shocker

Mom tells me to go to the family altar to put in a few joss sticks to ask for good passage through the last semester. Aiyah it's already been done. No greater good is going to help me, the last big 'results-adjustment' meeting had already come and gone.

I have terrible nerves. Although I was quite sure that I was going to grab to the very least two distinctions, I psyched myself to think that I am sure to fail Molecular Biology. At least, if it does come through to touch the pit bottom of my expectations, I'm ready to accept it.
It was

This must have been one day of my life where I have made use of so many negative manglish and singlish words.
Die-lah die-lah! Gone case! kaput-liao! Sked me ah! Sure mati! Vomit blood!Chee-bye, so hai, I go bye bye! Cham lah!

Accompanied by a lot of eyes being hidden behind fanned palms, Palm tugging on the cheek giving that Bull dog look, and a lot of temple slapping.

I've never felt so screwed up over results before.

But wah hey, I did fairly well :D I'm amazed. Kinda shocked I did that well too. Considering the amount of shopping and lepaking I did the last 3 months or so. Whoopee :D

My parents on the other hand want to know how many candidates performed the way I did. I give up explaining to them cause in the first place I don't want to make a fuss about it. A good family dinner tonight will do. Then they want to know who got what, what got who and who got where.

"Aiyah I don't even know why the heck do you want me to tell you? Uni-level how can you judge who did better than who?"

Because of that I don't even get dinner.

Anyone wanna celebrate with me?


Jason said...

Awww... Comparison. They never ends. :) Hehe, I would like to, but Hann Yong is a better candidate to celebrate with ya, right? *coughs*

Congratulations, Ap! Hehe, another 2.5 months is my turn. Hopefully my effort will pay off this time cause I have increase my effort more. If still doesn't work... *shrugs*

Hehe, first time I see "chee-bye" in your blog after 3 long years.

Belacan said...

wah. flying colours eh? congrats ;)

KY said...

spend me food, feed me.

Anonymous said...