Tampin Episode

Backdated Post.

We’ve planned this a couple of months ago. Lindsay, after waiting out her summer holidays for my semester break to finally arrive, we carried out our crazy plan.

A Saturday in Tampin to go make dresses.

"All the way from KL to go to a small town smack between Negeri Sembilan and Malacca to make Dresses? What the hell for?” you might ask.

Tailoring in KL is expensive dah-lings. I’d rather travel 200km down to save RM200 on tailoring a dress rather than make it here. All costs of food and travel fare included mind you.

We woke up bright and early to take the 8:30am train so that we reached Tampin by 10:30am. Time was easy to pass, especially with Lindsay around, she herself took the opportunity to paint her nails XD. Mostly talking of things past and things to come and also spending about 20minutes to freshen up a little.

Tampin: Lindsay Paints

Lindsay starts the ride off by painting her nails.

Each stop the train passed by carried it’s significantblue sign with white words to tell passengers which stop was where. But upon reaching Tampin, there was no sign at all.
All u see is a lot of limestone, a small wood and train sections.

Tampin the train station

Tampin: Where is everyone?

No need to wave for a taxi, they wave for you here.
"Ah moi, pretty girls where you want to go? Ayer Keroh?"

Lucky for us, Jason was the gracious gentleman he was to take us round his hometown. While driving us around, he was played tour guide, explaining the town history, where is what and how large Tampin really is.

"The town is only a stretch of road 2km long, half of it is in Negeri, the other half in Malacca. Oh we just passed the border :D"

Tampin: Town I

Tampin: One end of the main road.

Barely a 5 minutes drive and we're already at the tailor's shop. The lady in charge, the mother of Lindsay's room mate took a look at our fancies and shook her head.
"No I can't do this. I only can make these *Holds up baju kurungs*"


"Don't worry, auntie has a friend who is just over at Tampin square who can do this."
Tampin: Town II
Tampin: Tampin Square. Just behind KFC. That's where we're getting our dresses done.
So off we walked (Yes no need to drive) to Tampin Square to see the recommended tailor. On the way there we realised why it was cheap to do tailoring here. Not only was it because it was a small town, but it was also because it is packed with cloth shops and tailors set up their shops everywhere!

This guy did wedding gowns. As in baju pengantin. He studied our prints and sketches, crunched his face up and confessed.

"All my life of tailoring, I've never tailored such "keng" dresses before."

But he was great, he offered to do them for a very low and reasonable price and he even helped us to select the cloth giving us about RM5 cuts or each meter.

Jason then took us back to his house so we could make use of a very clean toilet and see his brand new house. He showed us which side of the aquarium his fishes loved, his blue and purple sheets, the soft toys in his sisters room, his feature wall....the general works :D Those of you who read his entry on his house, the photos don't do much justice to the place.

Tampin: Lindsay, Jason and me

Because, the signature dish of Tampin wasn't available until night fall, he took us to a place out of town to a restaurant where the owner had two wives.

So Jason tells us that usually the older wife cooks and she has mood. If she's not PMS-ing or anything her cooking will be damn nice.

When the food came out, Jason took a bite... "She's PMS-ing" XD

Me and Lindsay on the other hand thought that the food was fairly good actually :D See for yourselves,

Tampin: Pork Chops and Eggs

Pork chops and Eggs with chips.

Tampin: Char Kuay Teow

Fried Kuay Teow

Tampin: Thin Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee

And it only costs RM18 with drinks. SOOOOOO CHEAPPPP! (after complying with KL prices for so long)

Oh, and before we left, there was the famous Kuih Udang too!

Tampin: Kuih Udang Rojak


"All my life I've been staying in Tampin, I've never walked so much or spent so much time out in Tampin before" -Jason.


Jason said...

Haha! You actually quote that! :P Kekez! OMG, I look horrible in the picture. *shrugs*

april yim said...

LOL. you look fine Jason, by now you wud have grown your hair adi :D

It was a quote of the day! My insides flipped and laughed after you said that!

Maggie said...

Eh.. when I go back to Melaka, can you tell me who your baju kurung tailor is?
I have three sari cloths that I know would make gorgeous baju kurung!

Do they do embroidery as well?

CrazyGrr| said...

The char kuey teow n hokkien mee looks damn tempting. *salivate*

Yuen Li said...

RM18? Hmmm... Approx GBP2.50... That's value for money... Mmmm...